About Us

Meet Typogenius, your new favorite writing buddy!

This app isn’t just a regular keyboard; it’s a smart helper that makes writing on your phone easy and fun. Typogenius works with every app on your phone. Whether you’re sending an email, chatting with friends, or posting on social media, it helps you write better and faster. It corrects your spelling, suggests words as you type, and even helps you use emojis and other languages. Typogenius makes sure you always find the right words.

1. Grammar Checker: Keeps your writing clear and mistake-free.
2. Icebreaker: Gives you fun ideas for starting conversations easily.
3. Improve It: Makes your writing smoother and your words more impressive.
4. Lookup: Quickly explains words or phrases you don’t know.
5. Mood Changer: Lets you set the tone of your messages, whether you’re feeling happy, serious, or anything else.
6. QuoteFinder: Finds great quotes to add a special touch to what you’re writing.
7. Smart Summarizer: Shortens long texts, giving you the main points fast.
8. Talk Like: Lets you have fun by writing like your favorite TV characters.
9. Translator: Helps you talk in different languages, making chatting with anyone simple.
10. Ask AI: Answers your questions or chats with you whenever you need company.
11. Continue: Keeps your conversations going by suggesting what to say next.

With Typogenius, writing is not just easier—it’s also a lot more enjoyable. Try it out and see how it changes the way you write on your phone!