About Us

Lean Scale is a fully online digital venture builder. Although we are based in Dubai, we are working completely remotely while our client base and services spread through the whole MENA region. We define ourselves as a business or product co-builder, co-enabler and co-scaler. We build companies, literally, from end-to-end.  

Starting off with an idea, we build or help our clients build their business. We provide them with teams and train them if necessary. We call it ‘incubating’ a team. Once our client’s business is confident enough to leave our nest, we cease to exist; unless requested otherwise by the client. 

We offer our expertise in building digital ventures to our clients; whether they need their ideas to be built from scratch or their business just needs a little push by an organization that practices the Lean Methodology and EXO principles. You heard it right - That’s us.

Our Values

Alongside our business principles and strategies, we share our commitment to some core values while working. They help us disrupt our comfort zones and exploit our resources as fully as possible in various fields. These are all to actualize ourselves as business owners, or the future business owners.

Accountability, Reliability and Trust

We have a commitment to excellence when it comes to delivering a product or service. We should be able to rely on each other to take responsibility for what we do or what an individual does and be accountable.

Entrepreneurial Mindset

Highly motivated individuals of any domain are encouraged to learn new craft in various areas. We provide a fail-safe environment for them to overcome challenges, learn and grow.

M-Shaped Mindset

We relish learning and encourage each other to explore every avenue. This enables us to have skills in multiple areas, which is what makes us a diverse group of M-shaped people.

Disrupting Comfort Zone

It’s all about our thirst for knowledge, inquisitiveness and taking risks. We’d rather be taught a lesson by a failure than fear it. Eventually, we find ourselves on a new massive transformation journey.

New Beginner’s Mind

Capable of unlearning. Always starts with a beginner’s mindset. Knows that world is changing very fast and whatever brings you here will not move you further. Believes in idea-meritocracy and let the best ideas win. Do not rely on “20+ years of experience but focus on new ideas shaking the world.

Radical Transparency

In brief, radical transparency is being part of the solution. Speak, ask, react, analyse and let the best idea win.

Exponential Mindset

We have ideas; we learn, work, achieve and repeat. Exponential growth can only be experienced by those with the right mindset and skillset. We ask ourselves ‘why not the better?’ and act on it.

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We’re a growing team that offers the flexibility of working remotely. Our teams are offered challenges in several areas and pick the best for themselves to disrupt their comfort zones to learn new craft. Apply for a position and let’s have a talk on your future prospects!

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