leanscale domains

Our Domains

We build and grow businesses following the principles of Exponential Organizations with our 5 well-structured main domains. We accompany businesses through their massive transformation journey by offering our expertise in digital venture building.


Entrepreneurship is an area for highly motivated individuals who relish challenges and do not fear failure as they ‘fall upwards’
Entrepreneur in Residence, or shortly EIRs at Lean Scale are the black-ops people who can be assigned to almost any project on any domain (Tech, Product, Marketing or Data). They can act as a project manager in one project, as a developer or a business analyst on another, it completely depends on what the project requires and how they want to position themselves.

EIRs often find themselves on difficult problems that do not have simple, orthodox solutions, and on top of finding solutions to these problems, they often need to convince the involved parties about why their solution can work. People management skills usually come in very handy in situations like these.

A good EIR would quickly onboard himself at a task even if s/he has limited knowledge about its subject, understands the key details and how it is connected to the bigger picture in a short amount of time, starts acting towards a solution/deliverable, makes himself/herself useless (by delegating or automating) and moves onto the next thing.

EIRs at Lean Scale are also responsible for developing and supporting new entrepreneurial opportunities and expanding existing opportunities within Lean Scale and for Lean Scale clients. So a creative mindset and a productization point of view is extremely important.

Business Development
  • Understand, analyze thoroughly, develop a point of view, and create a hypothesis for a new opportunity
  • Ideate about how it can turn into a profitable business which improves people's lives
  • Structure a data-driven, mathematically logical business plan to create the backbone of the business
  • Start working on turning the idea into reality by planning the processes, hiring right people and managing projects
Account Management

  • Establish meaningful relationships with the clients, and have a healthy communication channel that depends on trust
  • Gain their respect and admiration by delivering quality services that are beyond client's expectations
  • Create a story, explain in a simple yet effective manner and present the solutions.
Trading & Merchandising

  • Enhancing the overall product experience on the web site, supporting the relevant departments in all maintenance of site content including daily merchandising of all website categories
  • Provide customer service team with new upload summaries for customer communication and product suggestion reference
People & Culture

  • Supports the defining and execution of talent acquisition strategy, operating model, implementing efficient employer branding and referral mechanism to improve the quality of the hiring process, defining and executing talent development strategy and processes under constant change for the initiatives of Lean Scale and selected clients
  • Takes up the challenges for the key processes within the talent & culture lifecycle including HR Operations, hiring, onboarding, talent development, helping setting a culture, employee motivation, payroll processes, implementing (build or buy) relevant technologies, tools, and processes


Product Managers at Lean Scale are the people in charge of questions “What?“, “Why?“ and “When?”:

  • They decide what exactly should be implemented in the product to address needs of any stakeholder - clients, users, internal team
  • They define the timeline for new developments
  • They don’t accept anything as a given, but always challenge any incoming request with “Why?” and are also able to explain why is any change needed
Idea generation

  • Extract the underlying problem from any input and find the best solution for it
  • Proactively identify new opportunities for product growth even without incoming requests
Product design

  • Ensure any functionality change is convenient for its user - easy to use and error proof
  • Make any product changes
Product management

  • Involve the whole team into the solutioning and requirement creation process
  • Create requirements that can be used by all teams as the base for communication
  • Define product timelines and roadmaps


Evaluate emerging marketing technologies (martech) and identify and test new tools and identify through digital marketing framework. Lean Scale provides unique solutions to its customers from the very first day and now powers their growth with the Marteching team.

Performance & Growth

Martech team's main focus is combining digital advertising platform's powerful features to natively combine with Lean Scale's unique solutions. Since Lean scale provides unique solutions and those integrations take a while then the Performance & Growth team reaches for the help. They understand the brands; organize a great plan to execute while automating it behind the scenes.

Retention & Loyalty

Lean Scale's unique solutions come with many communication channels to manage either automatically or manually. Growth team already has a lot of rules, reports and dashboards to understand today's picture, where it is growing/declining and with the help of integrated communication channels they are here to help with converting those missed clients.



Our technology team is constantly evaluating the technology industry and expanding our software solutions to ensure that you stay ahead of the competition. We create custom applications and work with partners to address the ever-changing challenges in business.

Diversity and inclusion are deeply en-grained in our culture, and we operate with an everyday focus on innovation and experimentation, continuous learning, and growth and development. Our technology team is split into eight chapters: Android, iOS, Frontend, Flutter, PHP, Node.js, Testing & Automation and DevOps.

Software Engineering

Our Engineering team spans the globe and has members that work with each other across several time zones. The software engineering team is obsessed with good quality software code.

Testing & Automation

Our Testing & Automation team who make sure no bug goes unnoticed before releases go live. They check that everything we build meets client requirements and help our teams fix any issues.


Our DevOps team reduces the amount of time required before launching for clients. Then, they actively monitor the health of infrastructure, responding to incidents 24/7 with aggressive speed and permanent solutions.

data & insights


Turning data into competitive advantage with automated, actionable and timely insights.

We create an ecosystem that enables your business to evolve into a data-driven organization. In this way, we align data strategy to business strategy to fuel fact-based decision making. Creating growth opportunities for our clients by helping them to create competitive advantage and enabling them to better understand their data with more meaningful insights uncovered by our data solutions. We provide a range of data operations solutions to securely host, manage and run data ops for our clients on premise or in cloud environments, to ensure that the foundations are in place to support a data-driven journey. We convert data into competitive advantage with automatic, actionable, and timely insights.We design and produce automated data visualizations that bring data to life and get it to where it matters.

Data Architecture & Infrastructure

  • Build the system that matches your business intent.
  • Translating business needs into data and system requirements and to manage data and its flow through the enterprise
  • Enabling the delivery of relevant data to people who need it, when they need it, and help them make sense of it
Data Operation & Integration

  • Managing the availability of data throughout the data lifecycle
  • Creating a free flow of secure data through the organization
  • Making data available in the format and timeframe needed by data consumers, both human and system
Data Visualization & Reporting

  • Creating interactive dashboards and personalized reports for data visualization and to make intelligent decisions quickly
  • Automated distribution of report and dashboard portfolio via various channels
  • Continuously monitoring data for events and significant changes and creating alert channels
Data Science & Analytics

  • Identifying the critical points in the customer journey to optimize customer experience, monetization and efficiency
  • Making the proposition and experience more targeted, relevant and profitable with segmentation methods
  • Discovering secret relationships between data and the business