Senior/ Medium Product Manager

We are looking for a Senior Product Manager who will be making product feature decisions following the necessary trends, directing the technical team through the eyes of the user and who will be making decisions for application optimization, managing A / B testing of the new features, following up with the daily routine tasks, giving directions for efficiency in development processes.

He/She will be expected to lead the project management and scrum framework for the entire cross-functional team to ship impactful products by doing the related product / customer research. Product Managers we are looking for are second to none and be the real owner of the product they are in charge of.

Key Responsibilities

  • To support the full life cycle of products; leading the ideation, validation, technical development, launch and continuous improvement for Lean Scale products.
  • To be proactive about the ideas and problems and provide positive attitude and input to team dynamics
  • To follow the principles and needs of remote working structure and work based on client and cross-country team timelines
  • To gather input from a variety of internal and external sources to define product concepts; responds to the needs of customers throughout the development process; analyzes competitors and market trends; evaluates technologies; develops detailed requirements, feature definitions, implementation plans, and internal communications.
  • To participate in cross-functional teams during the entire lifecycle of product development, including deployment and post-deployment activities. Proactively identifies problems that arise in the project, outlines options, recommends solutions, and escalates as needed.
  • To work with other stakeholders to define, measure and refine the multi-discipline roadmap, backlog,grooming, triage and prioritization and processes to make improvements over time. Manage dependencies and leveraging functionality or knowledge from other products and programs.
  • To constantly re-evaluate your roadmap’s alignment with the strategic goals of the business, adjusting where necessary.
  • To champion the needs of business teams and stakeholders throughout the development process, ensuring that what is delivered meets the original goals and objectives of the project. Is able to operate in areas of uncertainty and ambiguity.
  • To identify unmet customer needs and develop possible feature/functionality concepts that meet those needs.
  • Meticulous and a high bar for quality when writing user stories, reviewing designs, brainstorming technical approaches, and testing a feature before it is released.
  • To manage and be responsible from delivery for cross functional teams and lead the dailies , retro meetings and sprint planning sessions. Eventually, ship features that deliver high business impact.
  • Be on the top of the product P&L . Own all the necessary input to the overall product budget by working closely all relevant functions (including hardware, manpower and software cost) and 
  • To be data obsessed and closely monitor all analytics , define and analyze metrics that inform the success of products
  • To be partner with User Experience teams to user-test designs through mock-ups, functional prototypes, etc. to ensure they are meeting intended goals
  • To Utilize A/B and Multivariate testing to optimize the user experience and desired behaviors.
  • To work very closely with Marteching team and being at the core of all other functions
  • To work closely with other product managers and provide relevant feedback and input based on their seniority
  • To learn necessary tools and products to provide the necessary service for the initiatives
  • Stay up to date with new technologies (internal capabilities, and vendor offerings) by evaluating industry and design trends and demonstrate a passion for learning.
  • Coordinate with outside vendors and brands to ensure their work is delivered on time and on scope.

Functional Skills

  • 5+ years of experience working with technical teams; able to support technical discussions
  • Systems Thinker
  • Strong problem-solving skills
  • Ability to effectively work together with marketers, product managers, and engineers alike.
  • Candidates must be organized, driven, and exhibit critical thinking skills.
  • Experience with agile software development methodology.
  • Ability to build wireframes and mockups, with a knack for keeping things simple.

Education & Experience

  • BS or MS degree in Computer Science, Information Systems, or Business Administration,  Engineering, or equivalent field. 
  • 3-4 years product management experience
  • Have great written and verbal communication skills. 
  • English proficiency, both written and spoken and if not to show continuous improvement to avoid dependency